Aid Stations

Aid Stations are located approx every 2.5 miles on the course.  The first station, Canyon Creek, is liquid only with all others offering food also.

For Liquids we will have Tailwind and Water in Cups,

For the food each aid station may have different items however you will find Fruit (bananas and oranges almost certainly, maybe others) along with sweet and salty snack items.

Aid Station Landmarks Cut-off Time Approx. Mileage Approx. Elevation
Start Ouray   0 7,811’
#1 (liquid only) Canyon Creek (bridge)   2 8,500’
#2 Lower Camp Bird   5 9,800’
#3 Upper Camp Bird 2.5 hrs 7.6 11,200’
#4 Imogene Pass Summit   10 13,114’
#5 Tomboy Townsite   12 11,500’
#6 Social Tunnel   14 10,500’
#7 Telluride 7 hrs 17.1 8,820’
Aid Stations: #1 will have water and Gatorade only; #2-6 will have beverages, cookies, candy and fruit.  Refreshments will also be provided at the finish line.