In the First Round, teams will race each other in a Round Robin format with each team competing against the three other teams in their group. Group A (teams 1, 2, 3 and 4) and Group B (teams 5 – 8) will start at 9:00. Group C (teams 9-12) and Group D (teams 13-16) will start at approximately 10:30.

During each Round Robin, individual victories will be tallied. Within each group, the team with the most victories will advance to the semifinals.

If two teams tie for the top spot within a group, the tiebreaker will be the results of the head-to-head matchup between those two teams. (It could be 6-0, 5-1, 4-2 or 3-3)

If the two teams tied in their matchup (3-3), the Pros from those teams use the results of the Pro head-to-head within that respective matchup to break the tie and will advance to the Semifinals.

The Semifinals will pit the winner of Group A versus Group B in a one-run matchup, followed by the race between the Group C and Group D winners. In the case of a tie (3-3), the result of the Pros’ race will determine the winning team (using handicapped times).

The two winners of the Semifinals will advance to the Finals, which will be a two-run race, time permitting. Teams will race on the red or blue course and will switch courses for the 2nd run. In the case of a tie, the winning Pro will determine the winning team, based on a combined handicapped time of the two runs.

No matter the winner, all teams are expected to adjourn to the tent for a wild time in Aspen